From the time you set-off from your place, and head to the airport, board your flight, reach the destination airport, catch a ride and finally hit the sack in the hotel/lodging you are staying in; each phase of this journey will have you slipping out some cash from your wallet. And before you’ve actually begun your vacation, you realize a big dent on your budget already.

Today, in our post, we discuss some measures to avoid useless airport expenses, people unintentionally indulge in:

Airport Meals:

airport food

It’s is better not to have complete meals on the airport. The costs are inflated, and one full fledged meals mean quite a visible hole in the pocket. Avoid the high-end food corners at the airport, except for grabbing a small bite of something your taste buds refuse to fly without.

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Airport Cab Services:


Cab services at the airports are not hard to find, but they are expensive. If the distance isn’t much to cover, this expense could rather be avoided. Look for public transport- metros or terminal buses to save preciously. Or if you have your hotel bookings made already, check with them if they provide free-cab services. Do not let the service go waste.

Duty Free Item Purchases at the Airport:


Do you really want any of those things out there? Were they on you buy-list before you had a chance glance, just a second before? No, right? Then why indulge in the unnecessary expense. The so called duty free items are more often than not have very high marked up values on them, and unless you have an idea of the market prices already, it is not an idea to blindly be tempted into buying the stuff.

Airport Car Rentals:

Car rentals

Just like cabs, car rentals too are a pricey affair. Availing a car rental at the terminal or anywhere in the airport area will cost you dear. If you can, then take a public transport and head to a place outside this pricey spot and then rent a car at lower prices. You can understand this reasoning if you compare the charges of car rental at the airport and that of the corresponding town.

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Airport Money Exchanges:


There are places outside of an airport too to get this work done and at quite lower charges. Airport money exchanges, get a little expensive, for an obvious reason- they charge for providing the service at a high-priced location. So if you can, make the money exchange well in advance.


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