Enjoy cold and snowy days in the world’s winter capital.
  • Oslo Winter Park

    Oslo Winter Park

    The largest ski resort in the Oslo area, with 18 slopes and 11 lifts, just 30 minutes from the city centre. Oslo Winter Park expects to open…

  • Spikersuppa Skating Rink

    Spikersuppa Skating Rink

    The Spikersuppa ice skating rink in the middle of Oslo city centre is open and free for everybody.

  • Frognerseteren - Kafé Seterstua

    Frognerseteren – Kafé Seterstua

    At the top of Holmenkollen you find Frognerseteren with panoramic views of Oslo and the Oslo Fjord. The oldest part of the building is from 1891,…

  • Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower

    Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower

    A historic landmark in the Norwegian consciousness, Holmenkollen embodies more than a century of skiing competitions. Inside the ski jump is…

  • Frogner Ice Skating Rink

    Frogner Ice Skating Rink

    Outdoor ice skating at Frogner stadion, open in the winter season.

  • Ski lessons

    Ski lessons

    Oslo Winter Park Ski & Snowboard School offers private lessons and classes for skiers of all ages and levels throughout the winter. Choose between…

  • Jibbing and snowboarding park

    Jibbing and snowboarding park

    Winter sports facility where you can snowboard in the middle of the city.

  • Toboggan run: Korketrekkeren

    Toboggan run: Korketrekkeren

    Full speed down Oslo’s most popular tobbogan run.

  • Oslo Ski Center

    Oslo Ski Center

    Ski resort north of the city centre with five slopes, four lifts, ski/snowboard lessons, cross-country trails, a sledding hill, ski/snowboard…

  • Sledding in Oslo

    Sledding in Oslo

    Overview of places to sled in different neighbourhoods in Oslo.


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