If you are looking for an unforgettable vacation, the desert of California can give you just that. National Parks are located in this part of the state, and there are many fascinating sights to see outside of them, as well. In addition to the natural sights, there also are towns and cities in the area that offer options for lodging, shopping, and nightlife.

Visit Death Valley

Death Valley is unlike anything else in the United States. It is located at nearly 300 feet below sea level. This unique location also gives the area weather that is unlike what is seen in any other part of the country. In fact, the world’s highest temperature recorded may have occurred there. This record high was a sweltering 134 degrees!
The scenery of the valley is also breathtaking. There are large salt flats in the area that were formed by a prehistoric lake. When this lake drained, salt deposits were left. However, other parts of the valley have beautiful wildflowers. While there is very little rain in the area, there is enough moisture from run off to sustain grasses and wildflowers in some parts of the valley.

See Joshua Trees In The California Desert

In Joshua Tree National Park, there are many small and bizarre looking trees, referred to as Joshua trees. Rather than having branches like a typical tree, the branches of them have a cactus like shape. They grow throughout this National Park at elevations ranging from 1,300 to 5,900 feet. However, they do not exist in any other region of the world, as they are confined to the desert of California, southwestern Arizona, and the southern region of Nevada.

Visit The Salton Sea

The Salton Sea offers picturesque ‘seaside’ views, except it’s located in the desert! Like Death Valley, it’s located at more than 200 feet below sea level. In addition to the views of this sea, there are also sand dunes located near the sea. The dunes appear similar to ones that you would see in the Sahara desert, not something you would expect to find in California.

Transportation And Communities Of The Region

It’s also quite easy to travel in the California desert, as there are several highways running through the region. Interstate 10 runs near Joshua Tree National Park, and this makes the park easily accessible for residents of Los Angeles and other major cities.

Death Valley is also easily reachable. You can get there by taking I-15 to Route 127. The Salton Sea can be reached by getting off of I-10 and going south on Route 86. There also are many byways that are located throughout the entire region, and they can take you to all of these fascinating sights.In addition to the natural sights, the communities of Indio, Palm Desert, Barstow, Blythe, Brawley, and El Centro, amongst many others are located in this area. These cities and towns offer lodging, and a wide assortment of activities. You can find anything you are looking for in the desert region of California.

If you are curious about other areas to travel to, there’s a good chance it’s covered in another article on Cointur.


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