When deciding where to go on vacation, let alone a honeymoon, the food is one of the most important factors in determining this destination. After all without good meals it is difficult to enjoy the rest of the vacation no matter how beautiful the scenery or how luxurious the resort. While most people are well aware of this important factor, it can be difficult to tell how delicious the food is without having been there before. We understand how challenging this can be so check out our top destinations for food tavelers below!

1. Charleston, SC

Despite its relatively small size, Charleston definitely has some of the best food in America. With a rich tradition predicated on serving delicious food for centuries the city serves a delicious modern twist on its classic low-country dishes. Furthermore Charleston grows its own delicious ingredients and spices locally! To top it all off the city has some of the best customer service imaginable to pair with the best shrimp and grits this country has to offer. Visit Martha Lou’s Kitchen in Charleston for the best fried chicken and delicious shrimp. This restaurant comes strongly recommended by the locals.

2. Amalfi Coast, Italy

For the more international travelers out there, the Amalfi Coast packs some of the most breathtaking sites you’ll ever see. The view from the beautiful coastline is one people will remember for a lifetime. Furthermore the Amalfi coast is home to the Limoncello that Italy is famous for. Why not enjoy some of this delicious dessert liquer after eating your fill of the pasta that makes the Italians famous for some of the most delicious food on the planet? With friendly people and locally sourced lemons along with the pretty beachfront, this is an easy destination for the food tavelers among us.

3. Hong Kong, China

This tiny island was owned by the British for 99 years before being returned to China in 1996. Despite its size, this island has grown into an enormous metropolitan center with one of the major economic centers in the world. This island is even building out into the water since running out of land! For classic Chinese food with a Western twist, this city has everything you’re looking for! From delicious street fare to higher end restaurants, the locals will whip up anything your heart desires. Be warned though, this food can definitely come with a kick that will please the spice lovers out there!

If you’re looking for more destinations to add to your list, check out this article here! For people looking to pack their lives with international trips while operating on a budget, check out more articles on our blog here! We promise you won’t be disappointed!


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